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“How grateful I am to have taken the Shiva Sutra course! Nobody can explain the yoga texts better than Kambizji. With keen insight and unwavering wit, he makes the ancient yogic wisdom relevant to our modern lives as he integrates a variety of texts into a comprehensible interpretation using everyday examples.” S.H. Sweden
“I just wanted to thank you for your Tantraloka online course.  I am really enjoying it, delving deeply and quite aware that the further I go, the less I know – while at the same time enjoying your explanations of direct experiences that I’ve had. The exercises are such a brilliant & practical way of internalizing the meaning of the ancient verses that you are teaching. It feels like I’ve come upon “gold.” Amazing…” P.C. Florida

“Tantraloka is a very enlightening course, beautifully designed and taught by Master Kambiz. The content is rich in knowledge, love and energy. Thanks to this course I am experiencing a new level of awareness in both spiritual and day to day life.” L.F. Canada




Kambiz Naficy, is an international Kriya Meditation master coming from the lineage of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj (Read Autobiography of a Yogi). Master Naficy has been teaching Kriya breathing meditation and Odyssey self-development programs to thousands of people across three continents for twenty five years.His calming voice and loving presence quickly take participants into effortless states of tranquility, contentment, and joy.

A master in revitalizing energy in your body, mind, and Spirit, Kambiz Naficy uses four approaches for elimination of stress and fulfillment of your deepest desires:

  1. Kriya Yoga breathing meditation to revitalize 72,000 energy centers (Nadis) and seven chakras within your body.
  1. Chanting of primordial sounds to energize and sooth your body, mind, and Soul.
  1. Elimination of negative and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  1. Fulfillment of your deepest desires through techniques that align you with the creative forces of nature.

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NEW! “Coming Full Circle”

Ninety Days of Live Support

Oct. 23rd-Feb. 28th (Holidays Off)

For the first time ever, Kambiz Naficy and The Joy of Life Organization provide 90 days of live weekly support through meditation and coaching sessions to support your wellbeing as you swim in the currents of life.

Benefits of the Program:

1. Live, toll-free audio/video conference calls, weekly or twice weekly.
2. Up to two live, worldwide meditations per week, guided by Kambiz Naficy.
3. Small-group life-coaching provided live by Kambiz Naficy.
4. Participants receive session-recordings plus written notes, and practical tools for growth.
5. Participants in the Full Program receive life-coaching training plus coaching certification. 6. Like-minded friends share and learn from each other’s experiences in a safe and loving environment.

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NEW! five-day Super-Consciousness Retreat, at Omega Institute, New York July, 2018

For five days, like-minded friends join in loving companionship in the beautiful surroundings of upstate New York. Each day is filled with Yoga Asanas (postures), Kriya breathing meditations that will cleanse and revitalize 72,000 of your energy channels, plus lying down deep relaxation, and spiritual talks.


NEW! 3-Month Teacher Training Mentoring Program

After twenty five years of solo teaching, Master Kambiz Naficy is launching his first mentoring and teacher training program.

By signing up for Joy of Life’s mentoring program, you will benefit from:

  • Kambiz Naficy’s spiritual energy twice a week for ninety days.
  • Receive written material plus all audio recordings related to each session.
  • Learn all of the eight limbs of yoga and Kriya Yoga meditation practice.
  • Gain the ancient wisdom of the Vedas in reference to sound and joyful living.
  • Do a massive cleanup of limiting beliefs and negative habits blocking your personal growth.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the psychological healing process employed by Kambiz Naficy and the world’s top life-coaches.
  • Earn a Joy of Life coaching certificate allowing you to earn money as a Joy of Life teacher.

You will find a full audio and written description of this three-month Mentoring Program on the link below.

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