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“Kambiz is a powerful communicator and his manner of communicating the deepest secrets of Kriya Yoga is unique.” ASG

Announcing Joy of Life’s third 5-Day Super-Consciousness Meditation Retreat with Kambiz Naficy, to be held at Casa de Maria in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, November 8-13
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As part of his worldwide tour, Master Kambiz Naficy, is visiting various cities across the globe to offer the Joy of Life meditation and self-development half-day programs, and full-weekend workshops based on three foundations:

1. Kriya Yoga, a simple, ancient non-sectarian meditation technique that emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. Kriya Yoga is a powerful technique for reaching higher states of consciousness and balance the mind, body and spirit.
2. Transpersonal Psychology methods are used to identify and uproot self-limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious mind.
3. Understanding the Laws of Creation and how a powerful, quiet, and focused mind can help manifest your needs without much struggle or stress.


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The Joy of Life Organization aims to promote joyful living by raising the consciousness of individuals and management teams based on spiritual principles and modern scientific techniques. It links the wisdom of ancient scriptures with information from the various modern sciences such as quantum physics, energy-field theory and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The Organization conducts workshops and seminars around the world. These can be divided broadly into two categories – individual meditation and empowerment workshops and corporate seminars. The Organization’s members include professionals from all walks of life, students, householders and entrepreneurs. Thousands of men and women have strengthened their physical energy, mental concentration, self-confidence, and their contact with an inner-source of creativity thanks to the Organization. Many companies in America, Europe and Asia have benefited from the Organization’s training workshops.