About Us Joy of Life Organization

Joy of Life Organization was established with the philosophy that authentic power and success emanate from inside-out.

Our mission statement is to raise the consciousness of individuals and management teams by integrating the ancient principles of wisdom with teachings of self-exploration, mental concentration, and inner-directed paths to creativity and self-knowledge.

Kambiz Naficy and Joy of Life Organization offer workshops based on three foundations:
1. Kriya Yoga, a simple, ancient non-sectarian meditation technique that emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. Kriya Yoga is a powerful technique for reaching higher states of consciousness and balance the mind, body and spirit.
2. Transpersonal Psychology methods are used to identify and uproot self-limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious mind.
3. Understanding the Laws of Creation and how a powerful, quiet, and focused mind can help manifest your needs without much struggle or stress.


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