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Joy of Life Organization
Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to give a broad introduction to Joy of Life Organization’s programs, Kriya Yoga and Kambiz’s meditation methods based on questions we are frequently asked. If you have an additional question, kindly email us with your query.

What is JOL?

The Joy of Life Organization, founded by Kambiz Naficy in 2001, promotes the teachings of Kriya Yoga Meditation, personal transformation, and personal coaching programs designed to benefit one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Kambiz Naficy is a Kriya Yoga Master, and is passionate about raising the consciousness of individuals through the belief that authentic power and success emanates from the inside-out. Workshops, Half-Day Talks, along with a variety of programs – both online and otherwise – are offered by the Joy of Life Organization to foster joy and wellbeing through the ancient science of Kriya Yoga.

What does JOL offer?

A variety of programs are offered by the Joy of Life Organization. Kambiz Naficy travels around the globe to conduct Kriya Yoga Meditation Weekend Workshops and Half-Day Talks. Corporate Programs and Personal Coaching Programs are also available online or by phone. The Odyssey Series is an online 30-day program in which students do inner-exploration in order to grow with more self-understanding. During the Odyssey programs, registrants engage in one-on-one consultations with Master Naficy and JOL coaches by phone and email. For more information regarding our available programs, visit: Workshops, and visit: Register for live workshop registration.

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is one of most powerful and well-respected lineages of yoga dating back to its founder Kriya Babaji Nagaraj who lived some 1800 years ago. The Kriya Yoga meditation is a comprehensive system of breathing and meditation technique designed to enable a practitioner to achieve internal peace, as well as address the alignment of one’s body and soul. Through various breathing exercises, Kriya Yoga meditation concentrates on accessing the subtle currents of life energy (known as prana) in the spine and brain. By continuously moving the life force up and down the spine and through 72,000 subtle passageways, one is strengthening the flow of spiritual energy within the body. This practice greatly improves one’s personal relationship between mind, body, and soul. For more information on Kriya Yoga, visit: Kriya Yoga

The Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga circulates vitalizing breath around key energy centers of the body (72,000 Nadis), balancing the body’s life force and creating calmness of the mind and nervous system. Goals that can be achieved through our continuing workshops include: higher concentration and joyful living in the present moment, increased physical energy, deeper and more relaxed sleep, more patience and love in your relationship, and the elimination of psychosomatic diseases (migraines, muscular pains, high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.). To learn more about the benefits of Kriya Yoga, visit: Kriya Yoga

Overall Explanation for all CD’s

Kambiz Naficy’s audio talks (not the meditation CD’s) were recorded before live international audiences and provide a deep level of knowledge about each of the topics.
None of the talks will interfere with your religion as Master Naficy’s talks and instructions are always related to the very subtle Life Force and hidden energies that lie beyond all religions, institutions, and even beyond the atom itself. In many cases, Master Naficy’s talks help people better understand their own relationship with this same inner-God.

What will the CD’s do for Me?

The CD’s will expand your level of awareness and put you in touch with the center of your power and your most authentic self. You will learn where the root of self-confidence comes from. Each CD describes practical tools for empowering you on your path to success and contentment.

Questions Regarding the Meditation CD’s

These are guided meditations by Kambiz Naficy. His deep and soothing voice along with the mixed calming music will take you into blissful silence with astonishing ease and speed. Many users have reported decades of restless sleep, anxiety, and fear disappearing only after a few sessions of regular meditation using with these CD’s.

Users who are new to Kambiz Naficy’s Kriya Yoga practices should practice Track 1 of the Basic Meditation CD each morning and Track 2 each evening prior to going to sleep. Once the Basic Meditation CD is used for sixty continuous days with your own satisfaction, you can then move on to the Advanced Meditation CD, while following the same instructions as above.

Please note that the Joy of Life website is designed to automatically download the meditation CD onto your computer, eliminating the need to have the physical CD mailed to you. The cover graphic is included with the purchase and download of a CD.

Is this a Group Activity?

The Basic and Advanced Meditation CD’s can be used in your own private space, outside of groups. Master Naficy recommends group meditation twice a week for a more powerful experience as long as members of the meditation group are basically at the same level of meditative skill. At this point in time, there are many Joy of Life Kriya Yoga group meditations taking place in multiple cities around the world.


Twice-a-day use of the meditation CD’s will strengthen and relax your nervous system, help you sleep better, energize you body, and brings forth lots of joy. Most meditators find that this Kriya Yoga meditation clears their mind of fear and anxiety, stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills, and it also revitalizes their optimistic and positive outlook on life.
Proper Kriya Yoga practice awakens a spiritual electricity in your body that will bring Grace into your live. As doors of opportunity open up to you, abundance flows in, and your relationships will also improve and become more loving.

Where can I go to Experience this in Person?

For formal initiation into the ancient science of Kriya Yoga through Master Naficy, please visit our Contact  page and locate the nearest meditation retreat near you. You may also visit our Register for Live Programs page for upcoming events in your area.