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“Your talks and meditations are very powerful (to me ) and  I feel if I can somehow change my frequencies, I will connect with God in the way I have been wanting to.” Dottie

Products & Tools for Spiritual Growth

Video Series


1- “Realizing your Highest Potential” by Kambiz Naficy
(19 minutes/$20)

This 19 minute video was created to help you reach your maximum potential which you certainly deserve. This video contains clear instructions and as Kambiz has seen these guidelines take many of his students to greater joy.


Note: Once JOL receives your order, we will email you a link that will enable you to play the video online or you can download this energizing video on your computer.

2- “Partnering with God for Joy & Abundance ” by Kambiz Naficy
(26 minutes/$45)

Here is a preview:

In this video, Master Kambiz describes how the entire galaxy is covered by a net of consciousness (God Force) that responds to your consciousness. You will become clear about how your beliefs and thoughts collide with the God Force to manifest the reality that are consciously and unconsciously imagining.

The results of your life are no accident; you can ask the God Force to create joyful life-results through your repetitive thoughts and beliefs.


Note: Once JOL receives your order, we will email you a link that will enable you to play the video online or you can download this energizing video on your computer.


Audio Series

Various tracks from Master Kambiz Naficy now available on iTunes










Power of Prayer by Kambiz Naficy
Single Track
Praying is like plugging yourself into the Highest Source of Divine energy in the universe and turning the switch on. This talk teaches you how to pray earnestly and effectively in order to receive your answers.











Hare Krishna Mantra by Kambiz Naficy
Single Track
This very peaceful chant of India’s Maha Mantra (the Great Mantra) was recorded when Master Kambiz Naficy was reciting it in deep silence. Chant along with Master Naficy and before you know it, you will dive into bliss and inner-silence.





Ego by Kambiz Naficy
Single Track
Ego is the source of human suffering. Ego is called “the false self” because it is not real. When you believe your rambling thoughts and worries, you develop an ego. This recording teaches you how to see through the thousand masks of ego and not be fooled by egotistical notions.





Understanding & Practicing Meditation by Kambiz Naficy
Single Track
This audio will help you understand what meditation really is and how you can practice and deepen your meditation.


Joy of the Heart


Joy of the Heart, Collection of Mantras by Kambiz Naficy
Full Album
With his powerful, soothing voice, Kambiz Naficy transmits Holy Energy through various mantras. The mantras contained within this audio are the most ancient and fundamental vibrations of the God Force.


Audio tracks from Master Kambiz Naficy now available on iTunes



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Kambiz Naficy Book

Riding the Waves of Life
by Kambiz Naficy

E-Book (PDF)
The title of this book, Riding the Waves of Life: A Guide to Joyful Living, accurately reflects the quality of its contents, for this is not just about meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice; it is a unique composition of lessons for attaining greater joy in one’s life and in this lifetime. It makes the seemingly impossible possible and gives to the human being in this material world access to her own soul. It does so through opening a window to the Self in its myriad dimensions – the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, and the practical. The author’s point of entry for taking the seeker on this journey of understanding is almost imperceptibly familiar; it is the type of life we live now in this present world. The reader will easily recognize himself or herself in the ‘raw material’ of the content. This is a book for the lay person with a sliding scale, equally for the individual who has never contemplated the spiritual self as for the seeker who has practiced meditation but not thought about the effects of self-limiting beliefs on his own potential.


Each lesson is a series of punctuated messages, some practical and some profound, but flowing from one to the next in a clear and accessible manner to the aspirant. The headings are guideposts that navigate the reader from one critical message or instruction to the next. Many of the messages are very brief, as they go to the very core, without adornment or justification. The words are, to the seeker, words of advice whose source is the spiritual master.

This book addresses practical issues such as management of emotions, relationships, and money; the book also provides deep spiritual insights. Riding the Waves of Life is filled with practical and powerful techniques for developing clarity of mind and purpose–it is truly a handbook for a balanced and successful life. Download now.