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“Once again I am at a loss for words to fully express my gratefulness for this past week in Santa Barbara. Your teaching and beautiful energy have carried me yet further into unknown realms; for the first time upon crossing a new threshold, I encountered no fear, just delight and love.Thank you for your infinite patience, generosity and protection.” L.O.

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Super-Consciousness Retreat 2015 Video Compilation
The Joy of Life Organization is happy to share the powerful energy of the Santa Barbara, CA five-day retreat through a full-collection of selected videos embracing Kambiz’s spiritual talks.

In this collection, a Yoga Asanas video is included to perform your daily yoga exercises. We were all in deep silence and you will absorb the energy!

The full compilation of Talks includes eight videos, containing over two hours and fifteen minutes of teachings.

View sample clips of some of the videos:

Yoga Asanas


Humor and Spitituality

Price: $95

A high speed internet connection is recommended to download this video series.

Video Segment Descriptions

Asanas  – Yoga Postures (42:00 minutes)
In this video, Kambiz Naficy takes several students through many of the primary yoga postures—you can see how they are done. Instead of teaching just physical postures, Kambiz also introduces spiritual topics and mantras before and after each posture, in order to quiet your mind. You can use this video as a visual guide to perform your daily yoga asanas (postures).

Humor and Spirituality (15:00 minutes)
You are exactly where you should be on your spiritual journey; do not be overly serious since seriousness is a sign of the Ego. Some days you slip and fall, and the next day you will grow with more love and spiritual intention. Enjoy the process of growing while maintaining loving relationships, your sense of humor, and present moment awareness. Spirituality is about maintaining your laughter and joy.

Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening (18:00 minutes)
Your spiritual journey really begins when a realized Teacher awakens the Holy force & Grace of Kundalini Shakti which is a spiritual electricity running through your body. Kambiz describes your inner-experiences as you progress through the beginning, middle, and advanced stages of Kundalini awakening. You will understand how you impact others with your energy-field. The relationship between you and your spiritual teacher is also described here.

Life as a Mirror (20:00 minutes)
The God Force as described by Yoga is made of Intelligent Consciousness that mirrors your own beliefs, intentions, and thoughts back to you. Learn how the current results of your life are a reflection of your thoughts and expectations that your broadcast to the Consciousness of the Universe. So a positive change in your beliefs and thoughts will quickly create positive changes in your life.

Perfectly Organized Mind (04:00 minutes)
There is no chaos in nature. When you slip into deep meditation, you come to experience that everything in nature and as well as your life is becoming perfectly organized and orchestrated. As you learn to quiet your mind through meditation, you establish a strong friendship with the One Invisible Force that brings perfect harmony and peace to your life. Learn how to slip into that silent gap between two thoughts in order to enjoy perfect protection and peace in your life.

Self-Love (19:00 minutes)
What does self-love really feel like? It feels like you can relax and breathe easy under your skin feeling unconditional love and acceptance for who you are. The highest form of self-love is experiencing a direct connection between yourself and your Soul (your Source of Creation). You have never been alone because your Creator wants you to exist exactly the way you have been created. Understand the signs of deep self love and how to attain inner-peace and serenity through self-acceptance. One of these days you will wake up with an inner-smile knowing that the world wants you to be exactly who you are!

Spanda: The Pulse of Divine Consciousness (19:00 minutes)
The Yogic scriptures state that who we call God is actually a pulsation of Consciousness in space. Everything that is alive is pulsing with this creative energy. This Divine Pulse called Spanda is the Source of all power and creativity and you can connect to it through Kriya Yoga to manifest your deepest wishes.

Spirituality in Daily Life (23:00 minutes)
The mosque, the church, and your bus ride to the office are all equally spiritual experiences. There is only One Force and One Source active in all of life. Every meeting you have with people is a potential meeting with God. You are the only one in charge of transforming yourself and your perspective so that you can witness miracles in everyday life. All you have to do is to open your eyes and see the Presence of the God Force everywhere.

Why we Begin our Spiritual Journey? (18:00 minutes)
Most people begin their real spiritual work when their old ways of living are just not working anymore. You might outgrow you job, marriage, profession, etc…Any of these might prompt the beginning of your spiritual search. The mind and Ego hate change but nature always warns you that it is time to change; it is best to be proactive about facing change. This video teaches you how relying on a Higher Power within you that will lend you the courage and faith to create joyous change in your life. In this video, Kambiz Naficy teaches techniques for inviting your Soul or Higher Self to guide you through your spiritual journey.