3-Month Teacher Training Program

After twenty five years of solo-teaching, Master Kambiz Naficy is now on a worldwide mission to train and groom a series of centered and insightful teachers well educated in the Joy of Life Kriya Yoga meditation and personal transformation techniques.

The trainees will join Kambiz Naficy on live, teleconference sessions and the sessions will be recorded —all participants will have access to both written and recorded course materials. During the program, teacher training participants are encouraged to join one of Joy of Life’s local representatives for weekly Kriya Yoga meditation sessions.

The Mentor Program lasts for three months and each month involves twice-weekly group teleconference sessions conducted personally by Master Naficy. Each week, the participants will partake in two live sessions, with each teleconference session lasting for one hour fifteen minutes. Participants graduate in three months after completing twenty four sessions. The Joy of Life Mentoring Program is divided into three phases, each phase lasting one month.

Target Audience

Master Naficy and his Joy of Life Organization, invite anyone who is deeply interested in personal and spiritual development, and perhaps in teaching Joy of Life’s meditation and transformation techniques to help the local community.

Benefits of Joy of Life’s Mentoring Program:

  • Deep and total understanding of Yoga.
  • Deep insight and inner-cleansing of yourself leading to greater personal insights, self-confidence, and Wholeness.
  • Strong camaraderie between like-minded participants on the program.
  • Mastery in the art of Kriya breathing meditation which centers you and brings you abundant inner-joy and Grace.
  • Earning money by teaching Joy of Life’s basic courses.
  • Receiving Kambiz Naficy’s loving and powerful energy for an extended period of time.

Joy of Life Mentoring Program Tuition: $2,500 per participant

The next mentoring program begins in June 2017. To reserve your spot, please email: info@joyoflifeorganization.com.



What Happens After Graduation?

For those interested in teaching, a select group will be given an opportunity to teach and spread the beautiful energy of this knowledge while making an income.


“Thank you for giving me faith after 20 years of not believing in the God force, for helping open my heart and really discovering what love is, for teaching me how to still the mind and still be active and purposeful.”


“If you are considering joining the 90-day Joy of Life mentoring program, don’t waver. Grab your spot now. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made for yourself and the others in your life.

For 90 days, you will have the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-improvement with a Vedic scholar, poet, and meditation master by your side. With unconditional love and deep understanding, Kambizji gives you a toolbox for ways to bring more joy and love into your life and guides you in the application of both ancient and modern techniques to develop good habits of mind, body and spirit.

My personal experience with the program was very positive. It gave me the opportunity to shape my life in a meaningful direction, uncover my potential and employ the techniques for goal-setting. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this program.”

S.H (Stockholm, Sweden)