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NEW! “Coming Full Circle” – Ninety Days of Live Support

Oct. 23rd-Feb. 28th (Holidays Off)

For the first time ever, Kambiz Naficy and The Joy of Life Organization provide 90 days of live weekly support through meditation and coaching sessions to support your wellbeing as you swim in the currents of life.

Benefits of the Program:
1. Live, toll-free audio/video conference calls, weekly or twice weekly.
2. Up to two live, worldwide meditations per week, guided by Kambiz Naficy.
3. Small-group life-coaching provided live by Kambiz Naficy.
4. Participants receive session-recordings plus written notes, and practical tools for growth.
5. Participants in the Full Program receive life-coaching training plus coaching certification. 6. Like-minded friends share and learn from each other’s experiences in a safe and loving environment.

If you are interested in more information please email:

We will provide more information on the Full or Half-programs. When you are ready, we will send you the appropriate registration link.

Newcomers, attend one free trial session.



NEW! 3-Month Teacher Training Mentoring Program

After twenty five years of solo teaching, Master Kambiz Naficy is launching his first mentoring and teacher training program.
You will find a full audio and written description of this three-month Mentoring Program on the link below.



By signing up for Joy of Life’s mentoring program, you will benefit from:

– Kambiz Naficy’s spiritual energy twice a week for ninety days.
– Receive written material plus all audio recordings related to each session.
– Learn all of the eight limbs of yoga and Kriya Yoga meditation practice.
– Gain the ancient wisdom of the Vedas in reference to sound and joyful living.
– Do a massive cleanup of limiting beliefs and negative habits blocking your personal growth.
– Gain a deep understanding of the psychological healing process employed by Kambiz Naficy and the world’s top life-coaches.
– Earn a Joy of Life coaching certificate allowing you to earn money as a Joy of Life teacher.

Teacher Training Mentoring Program Tuition: $2,500

The next mentoring program begins in May 2017. If you are interested in attending our Mentoring Program for personal or teaching purposes, or to reserve your spot, kindly send your email confirmation to:

To find more details click on the link below:



One-On-One 12 Session Intensive Program with
Kambiz Naficy

Kambiz Naficy has been working with individuals worldwide for twenty five years in the area of personal growth and transformation. His style is quite unique in that Kambiz combines his highly spiritual and intuitive sides with his deep knowledge of the subconscious mind to quickly weed out self-limiting and negative tendencies taking people to wholeness in his miraculous healing way.

The Intensive Consultation Program is comprised of twelve one-on-one phone or SKYPE sessions with Kambiz Naficy. The twelve 1-hour-15-minute sessions are held over six weeks which translates into two sessions per week. Kambiz takes the participant through a deep inner-exploration to answer questions such as:

  • Who am I? (deep self-understanding)
  • Where do I want to go? (charting an ideal life-plan)
  • Where am I now? (doing a detailed life-inventory)
  • How do I get there? (action-oriented goal-setting)
  • What is keeping me from success? (identifying self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors)

12-Session Intensive Program Fee: $4,500

To explore this program further, please contact Kambiz Naficy at:


Bhagavad Gita Course


In this twelve-session Bhagavad Gita Course, Kambiz draws powerful, enlightening principles of joyful living from the age old wisdom of the Vedas (spiritual scriptures of ancient India). The course is full of constructive instructions and exercises for living a simple and centered life while still engaged in your busy lives.

The Bhagavad Gita Online Spiritual Course will fill you with vitalizing energy, contentment, and bliss over six continuous weeks. Based on our six-week interaction between teacher and participants from all over the world, you will be pulsing with vitalizing energy for months.

The Bhagavad Gita Course Format

The participants will meet with Master Kambiz online twice a week for a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute, live session. During the last fifteen minutes you will participate in a question and answer period—everyone gets to participate and ask questions.

All the sessions will be recorded live and in addition to your written course material which includes the original Vedic text plus my interpretations, you will also receive our live recordings on a session-by-session basis. We encourage you to play the session recordings as each recording is filled with Kambiz’ own energy and the vitalizing energy of India’s most enlightened sages, plus practical instructions.


Benefits of the Bhagavad Gita Course

  • Practical instructions and exercises for living a simple and centered life while still engaged in your busy lives.
  • Get online, twice a week with like-minded people from the Joy of Life Family. This powerful support system will maintain your enthusiasm and reconnect you with loving friends.
  • Connect with Kambiz’s inner tranquility and the wisdom of the highest Indian yogis.
  • Feel the contentment of returning home to your own heart and Soul.
  • Fill your heart with love and inspiration as the Vedas touch your Soul with the message that you and your Creator have always been One.
  • Revitalize the sacred power of Kundalini to cleanse your body, mind, and Spirit. Kambiz will be sending off waves of spiritual electricity during each interaction.
  • Experience a shift in your perspective, a perspective that life is simple and joyful for those who live life with a clear goal, a sound mind, and a steady nervous system.


Testimonial from the 2015 Summer course: 
"How grateful I am to have taken the Shiva Sutra course! Nobody can explain the yoga texts better than Kambizji. With keen insight and unwavering wit, he makes the ancient yogic wisdom relevant to our modern lives as he integrates a variety of texts into a comprehensible interpretation using everyday examples. Whether you are a yoga teacher seeking to expand your knowledge of the Sutras or someone interested in deepening their spiritual practice, I highly recommend this course. With deep thanks for all that Kambizji does to demystify and pass on the ancient and powerful knowledge of yoga."
S.H. (Stockholm, Sweden)

Testimonial from January 2016 course:
I just wanted to thank you for your Tantraloka online course.  I am really enjoying it, delving deeply and quite aware that the further I go, the less I know - while at the same time enjoying your explanations of direct experiences that I’ve had.  
The exercises are such a brilliant & practical way of internalizing the meaning of the ancient verses that you are teaching.  I also like that there are twice weekly sessions with you including the time to ask questions at the end of each phone call.

It feels like I’ve come upon “gold.”   Amazing…"
P.C. (Jupiter, Florida)

Related Topics

  • One God-Force made of Pure Consciousness interplaying with your own consciousness to manifest your recurring thoughts.
  • How to manage difficult emotions. The God Force (Spanda) is the Source of all emotions and in deep meditation all emotions unite into one emotion of joy.
  • How does the God Force generate desires? How to manage incessant desires of the five senses.
  • Keeping your focus on One Serene Truth while all of life’s distractions fall away.
    The end of depression and dark moods through a quiet, meditative mind.
  • How recital of Aum and other ancient mantras introduce peaceful “vibes” of serenity into your Being.
  • Understanding human memory and how we string life-scenarios together to fabricate “My Life Story.”
  • Understanding how to cleanse your subconscious of limiting, negative beliefs.
  • How to fulfill your deepest desires by aligning yourself with the God Force.


Course Cost: $450 US Dollars



Odyssey Series (currently unavailable)

Odyssey is a very special and powerful journey for anyone interested in deepening their spirituality by peeling away layers of self-limiting beliefs that hinder spiritual growth. This process is based on 30 carefully constructed life lessons, designed by Kambiz. Participants work with one life lesson every day, applying it to their daily life. For example there is a lesson on compassion, another on the cycle of giving and yet another on addiction. During the 30 days, regular email correspondence takes place amongst the group, the JOL coaches, and Kambiz Naficy.

Highlights of the program consist of 2 weekly teleconference calls to discuss the lessons in which one call is facilitated by JOL coaches and one call facilitated by Kambiz. While individuals work with the material on their own, it often brings comfort and reassurance knowing not only are others going through the process, but that you are being supported by a loving community and teacher. Authentic joy and self-discovery inevitably surface, sometimes in unique ways, through the Odyssey.

Recently one of the JOL coaches expressed, “Odyssey is deeply transformative. Based on my own experience and witnessing several groups go through the Odyssey, it is an exceptional way to dive deeper into concepts we are all familiar with on some level but may not have worked with one at a time… it’s an opportunity to give ourselves permission to prioritize our spiritual growth and honestly and openly dive into our authentic self, and then start creating, with increased confidence, from the inside out.”

Another participant shared, “The Odyssey gently guides and leads you in reaching your fullest potential in all aspects of your life. Whether you are currently active in your spiritual path or in the early stages of seeking greater joy in life, the Odyssey programs offered by Kambiz Naficy are a wonderful opportunity to meet others worldwide in a safe, loving, and supportive environment for growth to blossom.”


Odyssey Level I

(currently unavailable)

The 30-Day Intensive includes 30 two-hour sessions during which participants discuss thirty life-lessons, and undergo group therapy while participating in these life-lessons. Students also enjoy daily Kriya Yoga meditations. Kambiz writes: “The energy is wonderful…Even on the first day everyone feels the uplifting energy because participants know that they will be undergoing an intensive program of physical, mental, and emotional cleansing along with the support of their classmates. Either everyone graduates or no one graduates—there must be group commitment and synergy.”
The thirty-day journey toward joy is a group endeavor whereby participants, supervised by one or two Joy of Life coaches, take thirty days of their private time to implement in their daily life, thirty life-lessons specially devised by Kambiz. During each day of this program, participants get to implement and practice, hour-by-hour, one life-lesson that belongs to that particular day. During the thirty day odyssey, participants continue to live their routine life at home and at work.

Venue: Different locations and countries depending on the month of the year.


Odyssey Level II: Unleashing your Infinite Potential

(currently unavailable)

The Odyssey II course is a powerful merging of the spiritual and physical realms. During this 30 day journey of self-discovery, Odyssey II lends an opportunity to identify and heal self-limiting mental tendencies, behaviors, and beliefs, where as Odyssey I explored many of your childhood and subconscious roots of your current behavior and beliefs. Odyssey II now calls you into action through goal-setting, self-motivation, and the facing of your fears which block your progress. Odyssey II consists of 30 life lessons that aim to manifest life ambitions and dreams, while congruently honoring the core of your Being. It is a program that will challenge you to implement insights gained and tools acquired in previous Joy of Life courses or workshops, and use them to take action. With the support of trained facilitators and regular interaction with Kambiz Naficy, you will receive a wealth of knowledge and feedback on each daily lesson, individually and as a group. The Joy of Life uses a unique approach in blending ancient yogic techniques with Western holistic sciences for personal empowerment resulting in an ‘unleashing of infinite power and potential.’… order to complete your journey of self-transformation, we encourage you to participate in Odyssey II.